The Trick To Tarpon | Fly Fishing for Tarpon

Catching a Silver King on the FlyAs you drive down U.S. Highway 1 in Florida and cruise over the turtle-green bays and into the...

Sunblock? I don’t need no stinking sunblock!

Have you ever been obsessed with something? I don’t mean like, gee, I’d like to have one of those. I mean like having an itch you can’t quite reach and that won’t...

Vamos a Pescar | Fishing with a Hispanic View

Fishing with a Hispanic ViewFishing is fishing, no matter where you are, what religion you believe in, your race, your age, or what political party you vote...
Deadliest Catch Wild Bill Discovery pic1

Born to Be Wild | Deadliest Catch’s “Wild Bill”

Deadliest Catch’s “Wild Bill” and His Crew Challenge the Bering SeaPHOTOS COURTESY OF THE DISCOVERY CHANNELIt’s easy to pick out which captain on...
wayne bisbee fishing tournament feature

Like Father, Like Son

How Wayne Bisbee Helped to Grow the World’s Richest Sportfishing TournamentPHOTOS BY JOHN J. RADZWILLAFor a guy whose main job is running the richest sportfishing...
fishing top five most annoying fishing buddies feature

Top Five Most Annoying Fishing Buddies

5 Most Annoying Fishing Buddies If you are a serious fisherman, you know the struggle is real for finding an ideal fishing buddy. It is not that your standards are too high—it...
bank fishing bill dance feature

Bank Fishing The Legend of Bill Dance

Learning to Bank Fish From The Man In The Tennessee CapMerriam-Webster’s definition of a fisherman is one who engages in fishing as an occupation or for pleasure. If their...
Bluegill fishing - The Trill of the Gill feature

The Thrill of the ‘Gill

The Thrill of Bluegill Fishing Last year I got a call from my buddy Joel who has a place near Texas’ legendary Lake Fork. He invited me to...
The Lunker List: Fishing Gear You Should Buy this Spring feature

The Lunker List: Fishing Gear You Should Buy this Spring

Fishing Gear To Take a Look at This SpringWe scoured the 2019 ICAST show for you, and with the help of the experts at Bass Pro Shops,  rounded up these must-haves for your shopping list.  
Old School vs. New School | Jimmy Houston vs. Kevin Van Dam feature

Old School vs. New School | Jimmy Houston vs. Kevin Van Dam

Jimmy Houston vs. Kevin Van DamUnlike the art of fly fishing revered for its simplicity for use of the long rod and nymph to pursue quarry, the...