hook and barrel sarah beth lawhorn tiaras and treestands feature

Tiaras and Treestands – Sarah Beth Lawhorn

Pageant Winner and Reality Show Contestant Sarah Beth Lawhorn Love of the Outdoors Pageant winner and reality show contestant Sarah Beth Lawhorn shoots it straight on her love of the...

The Right Stuff

The Right Stuff - Kristen Ottea is a Model Turned Taxidermist Kristen Ottea is a model turned taxidermist who takes great pride in her art and her sport.
Shannon Ihrke feature

Semper Fi – Shannon Ihrke

Shannon Ihrke – Brave, Beautiful, and Badass Marine Photos by Thomas Prusso Age—31Hometown—Pine River, MinnesotaInstagram—@shannonihrke Tell me...

Three Cheers for Allison Renn!

The accomplished angler and former NFL cheerleader talks chasing reds and reeling in an epic tarpon in her home state. Name: Allison Renn Age: 26
Professional Angler Skye Burkhardt feature

Skye’s the Limit

Professional Angler Skye Burkhardt on Fishing, Family, and her Gnarly Tattoos  Name - Skye Burkhardt Age - 32 Hometown - Longwood, Florida Current Residence - Edgewater, Florida Instagram -...

Orin Julie Queen of Guns

Former Israeli Combat Soldier Orin Julie   Former Israeli Combat Soldier Orin Julie talks about her love of guns and wanting to be the next Gal Gadot 
Kentucky Woman | Allie Butler feature

Kentucky Woman | Allie Butler

Allie Butler Travels the World Hunting but Holds firm Her Kentucky Roots Allie Butler Age: 28 Hometown: Hardinsburg, Kentucky Instagram: @alliembutler Allie Butler grew up in rural Hardinsburg, Kentucky,...

Super Fly

Maddie Brenneman on Family, Fly Fishing, and Losing a Big One in French Polynesia Maddie Brenneman  Age - 28Hometown - Denver, ColoradoCurrent Residence - Salida, ColoradoInstagram - @maddiebrenneman

Shooting Star

Jade Struck is a badass girl with a gun (and a purple belt in karate). But she’s also smart, sensitive, and full of faith. Jade Struck is, well, striking. Her jet-black hair and piercing eyes...

Catch and Release

Name: Erica Meichtry Age: 26 Hometown: Allentown, Pennsylvania Current Residence: Tampa Instagram: @erica_lynn.2 Angler Erica Meichtry (pronounced My-tree) is about as all-American as a girl can get. Her blonde-haired, blue-eyed beauty paired with her bright smile and...