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Deer Uncle Ted –New Hunters – Start with a Bow or Rifle?

Deer Uncle Ted, my family watches Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild on Outdoor Channel religiously, and we see how you really enjoy bowhunting but do plenty of rifle hunting too. Would you recommend a new hunter start out with the bow and arrow or with the rifle?

Jimmy D., Oklahoma

Thank you all for your support Jimmy, and yes, the aim small, miss small discipline applies equally to archery and firearm marksmanship, and both methodologies are incredibly fun and exciting. My outdoor hunting life erupted with both the bow and the rifle at a very early age, and even though 90 percent of my big game hunting is with archery tackle, I still thrill at the joys of longer-range hunting with my rifles, handguns, and muzzleloaders.

The enjoyment and success for both hunting methods demand the same dedication and attention to detail, and it really doesn’t matter which you begin with as long as you pay serious attention to the demanding details of each. Of course, bowhunting takes an enormous amount of stealth and patience in order to close the distance for a solid arrow hit, but trigger control on a firearm is also very demanding.

Whichever you choose, be sure to take it slow and easy, get advice and guidance from an experienced hunter, get that bow or gun that feels best for you, and dedicate necessary time at the range to become one with the hand-eye coordination needed to place that arrow or bullet exactly where you want it to go. These days you can choose from unlimited world class archery gear and guns and ammo that are all great, so take your time to choose what is best for you.

Aim small, miss small and good luck afield.

Uncle Ted