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Deer Uncle Ted – Ted Nugent on Single Mother Arming Herself


Even before the quarantine and outrageous release of criminals from prison, as a single mother, my instincts told me I should be armed and capable of defending my family. How do I get started?

Sandra, Colorado

Well hallelujah Sandra! We proudly welcome you and everyone into this purely instinctual world of self-reliance that is epitomized by the individual responsibility of self-defense. Good for you! The most important thing when first handling a firearm is to imprint on your psyche Rule #1—MUZZLE! There is really only one meaningful gun regulation necessary and that is the universal mantra—never point a weapon at anything you are not willing to destroy! Control that muzzle at all times! A very important first step is to find an experienced gunner who will take you to an official firing range. That person will emphasize the essentiality of ear and eye protection every time you train. My consistent success over many decades at introducing new gunners is to start with a simple .38 revolver using the lightest loads possible. Before you ever load the weapon, it is critical you become comfortable with the ergonomics of this simple tool. Find your comfortable grip, open and close the empty cylinder repeatedly, align the sights at a close-range target, and dry fire both single and double action many, many times.

Repeat this mechanical sequence dozens and dozens of times before you ever load the weapon. First and foremost is attaining a natural muscle memory comfort with the functioning of the firearm. After much repetition, it will be time to load the weapon, with ear and eye protection, and go through those same mechanical sequences and watch those lovely holes group tightly in the middle of the target. Be sure you practice and train as often as possible, so this vital instinct becomes second nature like brushing your teeth. Also be sure you join the mighty National Rifle Association and your state firearms organization to keep up to date on your God-given constitutionally guaranteed individual right to keep and bear arms. Go forth proudly in the asset column of life and society to be a positive force to reckon with in protecting your precious gift of life.

Aim small, miss small, Godspeed,
Ted Nugent and family