Deer Uncle Ted – Is 65 too Old for Bow Hunting?   

Dear Uncle Ted, I started my hunting life just a few years ago after hearing so many of your interviews about how exciting it is and watching you have the time of your life on Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild on Outdoor Channel! And you were right! I have only killed one deer so far with a shotgun, but I love my small game hunting just as much. At 65 do you think I am too old to start bowhunting? Jeremy, NE

Well HALLELUJAH my friend! Nothing makes me happier than knowing my contagious passions for the great outdoors continue to recruit new sporters like you! God bless you Jeremy!
Believe me when I tell you that it is never too late to plunge spirit first into the effervescent Mystical Flight of the Arrow! It will surely cleanse your soul!

The most important thing to remember is that the incredible joys and highs of bowhunting are a direct result of the very difficult and often frustrating challenges inherent to penetrating the incredible defense mechanisms of big game, especially the mighty whitetails of North America! It will not come easy, and I urge you to go slow and easy and never give up.

It is critical that you get advice from an experienced archer and bowhunter at your nearby archery shop and state bowhunting organization so that you discover the natural archery hand-eye coordination that proper archery form demands. Be sure you get a bow-and-arrow rig that fits you perfectly and is absolutely effortless to draw gracefully.

Develop your bow-and-arrow connection at real close range for starters, like five to 10 yards, while carefully imprinting an exact shot sequence procedure that you religiously stick with. The shot must be not only muscle memory imprinted, but spirit imprinted as well.

Hard earned backstraps are not a result of velocity or kinetic energy; they are a result of stealth, gracefulness, and a oneness with the Great Spirit! You will have to practice diligently until you are absolutely comfortable with your shot procedure and that essential higher level of awareness of your natural relationship with the wild.

Good luck, aim small, miss small, and may The Great Spirit be forever at your side! 


Uncle Ted